First off, you and practically everyone else in the world doesn’t really understand what Web3 is capable of right now because, quite frankly, Web3 sucks in its current incarnation. There’s nothing out there in Web3 that is actually usable by day-to-day consumers.We’re looking to change that.

Before we go further — most people think that Web3 and crypto are the exact same thing. Absolutely not. 

The best example of what Web3 (and Foggie Max) will be capable of and how will it impact you: Gmail. Most of the world uses Gmail.

All your email goes to Google. Google saves all your emails. Google mines all those emails. Google advertises to you. Google upsells you to buy more storage or delete your emails. I get reminded EVERY DAY that my Gmail account is running out of storage space. It annoys me like crazy. 

With Foggie Max: You will eventually be able to run your own private email server on Foggie Max. All your emails will be stored on Foggie Max (and NOT on Gmail or any third party cloud). Yes, chances are, the people you correspond with will be saving their emails on third-party clouds like Email, but the key point here is, your emails are YOURs on YOUR infrastructure (Foggie Max) you will be able to keep (or delete) all the emails you want. And no one else will be able to see/mine/do whatever to those emails. 

Take browsers. Chrome (and other browsers) track your activity. We are shipping a browser that records your browsing activity ONLY on your Foggie Max. What you do with that browsing history is entirely up to you. You can delete it. You can mint an NFT out of it and sell it to the highest bidder. Perhaps someday there will be a license (not sell) NFT where you can license your data to a bunch of third parties of your choosing — and for a price.Expand this example to other cloud-based apps you use. 

In other words, Foggie Max becomes your own personal cloud. It will never store data on a 3rd party server. It will only store data on your Foggie Max.

What you do with that data is entirely up to you. That’s the true power of Web3.