Fog Works is all about you.

Your Data.

Your Control.

Your Peace of Mind.

We believe the best custodian of your data is you. So we’re leveraging the power of Web3 to help you manage, control, and protect your own data.

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Our Products

Foggie: The World's First Virtual Web3 Server

Foggie is a virtual Web3 server that helps you:

Foggie Max: The World's First Personal Web3 Server

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Our Products

In the near future, Fog Works will be shipping multiple decentralized apps and devices.
So stay in touch for some exciting news soon.

How it Works

All of our apps and devices will work fundamentally in the same way:

Download & Connect

Download software (if necessary), connect the device to power and the internet.


Tell the app who you are (by connecting your digital wallet) and your preferences.

Start Usage

Start using the device or application on a daily basis.

The Benefits

All of Fog Works products will share several key benefits, including:


No inaccessible or discontinued services, no single points of failure. Your Fog works will be always on.

Ownership & Control

You own, curate, and control all your data and apps. You fully control the visibility of your data and how it gets monetized.


Any app you buy from us will be yours forever.

Transparency & Trust

All our apps will leverage public blockchain technology, which will create transparency.


We’re big DAO fans. We’ll be launching several DAOs to enable you to influence/ govern how our apps evolve.


Fog Works is going to be big. As such, all of our apps will scale to billions of users.

About Us

Fog Works has assembled a world-class team with a unique combination of P2P networking, blockchain, and entrepreneurial experience.

Xinglu Lin

CEO & Co-Founder

Co-Founder | DoNews, | | Beijing Xinen Tech | Shenzen Xiaoxi Tech

Victor Chen

COO & DMC Foundation Chair

CTO | UNISPLENDOR | CEO Santa Clara Tech. Co. | Chief Rep IBM Networking | China

Zhicong Liu

Founding Engineer

Bucky Cloud Founder | Chief Engineer Xunlei Co. | Director of National Key Laboratory of Big Data

Our investors include:

Contact Us

We make Web3 work for you.

Fog Works is based in Cupertino, CA. We have a remote workforce and have operations around the world.

For career opportunities, contact us at
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