Foggie: Your Essential Web3 Companion

Foggie is your essential all-in-one Web3 virtual device. With Foggie, you can use the power of Web3 to:

Keep Your Data Private & Safe

You can store all your private data on Foggie.
Foggie makes encrypted back-ups, making your data disaster-proof.

You can also download ultra-private decentralized apps (dApps) to your Foggie. Those dApps will store all generated data to your Foggie, not to a third-party cloud.

Make your Online Content Uncensorable​ ​

You can use Foggie to freely share your content to others.

Just publish your content to Foggie and create a public URL.

Foggie uses the power of the Web3 to make the URL unblockable and uncensorable.

Earn & Accumulate Crypto Rewards

Earn crypto rewards by storing files on your Foggie, sharing files, and renting out extra storage space.

With Foggie, you don’t need expensive mining rigs to mine crypto. Everyone can easily mine and earn crypto rewards.