Publish-to-Earn: A New Program from DMC Foundation

As a Foggie owner, you have the unique opportunity to participate in the Publish-to-Earn Program (PEP), created by Datamall Chain (DMC) Foundation to accelerate the growth of Web3 and Web3 content.  
By participating in PEP, you’ll be able to earn crypto rewards when you upload a file to your Foggie.  The more files you upload to your Foggie, the more rewards you’ll earn. Your uploaded files will also be protected and accelerated by the power of Web3.


What are the requirements for participating in PEP?

You need 2 things to participate in PEP: 

  1. An active Foggie account; and
  2. Digital content (and lots of it). The content can be photos, videos, art, documents, etc. – whatever you want to share with the world.
What do I need to do with my digital content?
You need to do 3 things with your content.
  1. Upload the content to your Foggie. You can manually upload individual files to your Foggie, or you can upload entire folders of content to your Foggie.  The more content you upload to your Foggie, the more crypto rewards you’ll earn. 
  2. Publicly share a URL to your content. Foggie will automatically generate 2 URLs for each file you upload:  a Web2 URL and a Web3 URL.  In addition, if you want to, you can generate an IPFS URL for your content.  The more your content is viewed, the more crypto rewards you’ll earn. 
  3. Encourage your network to share your content. Your friends and family can earn crypto rewards by sharing your content.  The more your content is shared, the more views it will generate, and the more crypto rewards you’ll earn.
Can I just upload junk data to my Foggie?
You can, but that’s probably not the best use of your Foggie. You’ll earn some crypto rewards for uploading files, but earn even more crypto rewards when your files are actually viewed by others. To maximize your rewards, you should upload files that are interesting and will be viewed by other online consumers.  
What type of crypto rewards will I earn thru PEP?
By uploading and sharing files on your Foggie, you’ll earn Datamall Coin (DMC) tokens*.
How many crypto rewards should I expect to earn thru PEP?
The number of crypto rewards you earn will depend on the how much content you upload, how frequently your content is viewed, and when you content is uploaded.  (Uploads that occur earlier in the program will likely earn more rewards than uploads that occur later in the program.)
What can I do with these crypto rewards?
The DMC tokens you earn via the PEP can be used in multiple ways:
  1. You can trade your DMC* for more storage space to make your Foggie bigger
  2. You can trade your DMC* for more storage space on other people’s Foggies, so you can make back-ups of your files and make them disaster-proof
  3. You can sell or trade your DMC* through third-party services.  
If I trade or trade my DMC* tokens, how much will they be worth?
We’re not able to predict how much currency a DMC* token will trade for in the future.  
In general, PEP is designed for online consumers who have public digital content they want to share with others. Any crypto rewards earned thru PEP should be thought of as an off-set to data storage costs, not as a primary source of income.
When will the PEP end?
There is currently no scheduled end date for PEP.  The DMC Foundation, however, reserves the right to terminate or modify the terms of PEP. 
Other than earning crypto rewards, are there any other benefits to uploading my files to Foggie?
  1. When you upload your files to Foggie, the Web3 URLs to those files become unblockable/uncensorable.
  2. If you upload a unique file to Foggie, you’ll be permanently recorded as the creator of that file. This will help to prevent misattribution of the file, and helps you retain the copyright to that file (if indeed you created the file).
  3. If your content goes viral, the Foggie network will automatically copy your content to other Foggies, improving both the availability and delivery speed of your file. 
* DMC tokens are a product of DMC Foundation, a Singapore company. For more information about DMC tokens and DMC Foundation, see here.  Fog Works is not associated with or liable for any information or statements regarding DMC tokens made by DMC Foundation.