Foggie: The Essential Platform
For NFT Creators

Maximize the Value of Your NFTs with Foggie

Foggie is an end-to-end solution for creating your own NFT collections.

Foggie enables anyone to:

No Gas Fees

Publish Your Own NFT Collection in Seconds and Avoid Gas Fees

With Foggie, you can publish your own NFT collection of artwork with one click. 

Your NFTs can be graphics, pictures, text, audio files, and even videos.

Most importantly, you won’t need to pay gas fees, so you can mint as many NFTs as you want to.

Avoid Misattribution ​ and Keep the Copyright

For all the digital art associated with your NFTs, you’ll be permanently recorded on the blockchain as the creator of these files.

Your work can never be mis-attributed.

You can also retain the copyright to your artwork, forever.

Control Access to Your NFTs

With Foggie, you can set access control to your NFTs’ underlying digital art. You can make the artwork:

Become Uncensorable

By storing your digital art in Foggie, your art becomes completely decentralized.​

If you publish a public URL to a specific digital work, the URL will be completely uncensorable and unblockable.

Earn in Multiple Ways

When you use Foggie to publish your digital art and mint an NFT, you’ll be able to: