Foggie: The Perfect Platform for IPFS Developers

Foggie is a virtual server for IPFS developers.  With Foggie, you can:

Turbocharge Your IPFS Content​ with Foggie

Do your IPFS links often open slowly? Or does they occasionally return a 404? 

Slow-loading IPFS content is a pain due to IPFS’s use of distributed hash table (DHT). With Foggie, you don’t need to worry about DHTs. Our IPFS pinning service will accelerate both your existing and future IPFS content by 2.5X to 5X.

Earn More with Real Storage Mining

Consumers can earn crypto rewards when they share and view content stored on your Foggie, helping your content go viral. 

In addition, you’ll crypto rewards when you store files on Foggie and when your files are accessed.

So, the more frequently your content is viewed, the more rewards you can gain, which you can apply to your storage costs.

Accelerate Web3 and ​ Make Your Content Unblockable

Fog Works and its ecosystem partner, CYFS, provide the world’s fastest Web3 browser.

If you encourage your users to install our browser, your content can be: