There are some key differences between Foggie Max and Helium:

  1. You can only own one Helium device (within a certain radius). You can own an unlimited # of Foggie Maxes.
  2. What Helium devices share low bandwidth, longer distance wifi that supports text only, There is almost no market for this type of WiFi. Foggie Max earns crypto by sharing idle storage space. There’s a big, established market for storage, and it’s only getting bigger.
  3. The Helium device does nothing for you other than mine Helium tokens. That’s the ONLY thing it does for you.Even if Foggie Max didn’t earn crypto, there’s still a ton of functionality/value to it. It can:

    • Store 1 TB of data
    • Make off-site back-ups of your data to the Foggie Network
    • Copy your public content to other Foggies to improve download speed and availability
    • Make your public content uncensorable
    • Reduce digital piracy by making you the permanent creator of the file
    • Help you mint NFTs without gas fees
    • Store and run dApps that are yours forever
    • Store all dApp generated data, dramatically improving your privacy