Why aren’t you showing the price of Foggie Max?

As a start-up introducing a brand new category, our marketing funnel is designed to get people interested in the value proposition of the product and then supply email address to learn more/stay in touch.
Once you supply your email address, on the next page, it shows the device price and asks if you’d like to reserve a device for $1. ($1 isn’t the price of the device, but the price of the reservation.)
This helps us to determine: (1) is the product resonating with people? and (2) is the price the right?
If we show the price on the same page, and a ton of people drop off, it’s tough for us to determine if it’s the wrong product or the wrong price.
It’s a very important distinction, especially for a new product like ours.
You can always supply your email address, and if you don’t like the price (and/or feel like it we’re sending too much spam), you can unsubscribe, and we’ll never bother you again.