What makes $DMC better than other mainstream or alt tokens?

$DMC has been designed to be solely a reflection of the value of decentralized storage — i.e., not an intrinsic value, but a balance between the supply of actual decentralized storage versus the demand for customers wanting decentralized storage.

$DMC is not the equivalent of our company’s valuation, like $FIL or other tokens. As such, the value of $DMC should be much more stable than most tokens out there (if you assume that demand and supply of decentralized storage grow together, equally) — be it mainstream tokens or alt tokens.

If demand for decentralized storage is much higher than the supply, $DMC will rise. Foggie Max owners will see the value of their crypto earnings rise. More consumers will be motivated to buy a Foggie Max. This will provide downward pressure on $DMC.
If supply for decentralized storage is much lower than the demand — everyone and their mother is running out of data storage. Who doesn’t love cheap storage? We will be launching a consumer-facing Fog Drive to compete with Dropbox, Box.net, Google Drive and the like, and we may eventually compete with S3. More demand for decentralized storage will create upward pressure on $DMC.
And, when $DMC is listed on a major crypto exchange, if you don’t want to hold $DMC, you can always trade it for fiat or whichever mainstream token of your choosing…