So you’re really just pumping the DMC token?

Absolutely not.

The telltale sign of any crypto scam is when the issuer and its cronies swear that the token will “go to the moon.”

We don’t want to pump $DMC at all. $DMC is intended to be a true, accurate reflection of the market price for decentralized storage.

As in any market, price is a reflection of supply and demand.

If $DMC shoots up really high, that will incentivize a lot of consumers to buy Foggie Maxes and sell decentralized storage. That will naturally cause downward pressure on $DMC.
If $DMC plummets, that will likely stimulate a lot of people/companies to buy decentralized storage.

For example: if you’re a consumer and you can pay Apple $9.99 for 2 TB, or you could pay the Fog (the DMC equivalent of) $4.99 for 10 TB — which would you choose? Likewise, if you’re a corporation and you have really cold, non-mission critical storage in a bunch of S3 buckets. Would you rather store on Amazon on the Enterprise Fog for 1/20th of the price?

Those prices are arbitrary, but at some point or another, the price of decentralized storage becomes pretty compelling. Demand increases. The price of $DMC goes up.

Other crypto companies out there, the price of the token acts as marker for the company’s value. Company’s value goes up; token price goes up; cost of storage goes up. Demand plummets. Not so with $DMC.