Isn’t Foggie Max just a Ponzi scheme or a multi-level marketing scheme?

No, Foggie Max is not a Ponzi scheme.

A Ponzi scheme is when earlier customers make money off of later customer’s purchases or investments.
Even if you’re the only Foggie Max on sold, we have industrial scale miners that have installed Foggie software on rack-mounted computers. Your Foggie Max will communicate with those Foggies.
If we have industrial miners, why bother with consumers? The more nodes in the network, the more robust the network.
Additionally, any money the network makes doesn’t just come from members of the network. The plan is to offer a consumer storage service to compete with Google Drive, Box, DropBox, and the like, and the longer term strategy is to offer an enterprise service to compete with Amazon S3 and the like. The customers won’t own a Foggie, but they’ll be paying the network to store data.

As such, Foggie Max is definitely not a Ponzi scheme.