Is Foggie Max a crypto mining machine?

Yes, Foggie Max is a crypto mining machine: it earns crypto rewards, not in the bitcoin mining sense. Each Foggie Max comes with a 1TB SSD hard disk and shares idle capacity to the network in exchange for crypto rewards.

But Foggie Max is also:

  • A web server: you can put public content on it, and it will serve it out in a decentralized fashion, i.e., the Foggie Network will make copies of your high demand, public content to accelerate it and make it highly available
  • A disaster-proof data vault: You can store private data on your Foggie Max. You can also easily make highly secure, highly private back-ups of your critical data on the Foggie Network.
  • A dApp server: you can download dApps to Foggie Max, and they’re yours forever and can’t be disabled. Furthermore, any data that your dApp generates will be written to your Foggie Max, maximizing your privacy.
  • An NFT factory: you’ll be able to mint NFTs easily from any digital asset you store on your Foggie Max. In addition, you’ll be permanently recorded as the creator of any unique file you save to your Foggie Max. What this means is, you can guarantee the authenticity of any digital asset you created.
  • A Web3 edge cache: your Foggie Max may be used to house other public content (to accelerate it and make it highly available). If so, you will earn crypto rewards if/when that happens.