I don’t get it. What’s the purpose of a Web3 server?

The simplest way to think about Foggie Max is make an analogy to Web2 servers.
Web2 servers are computers than can serve out public web pages and content (images, videos, etc.) to people who enter URLs in their browsers.
They can also host and serve apps. (Like Gmail — both the web app and the back-end to the iPhone and android app, which are just presentation layers.)
They can also host and serve databases, like Airtable.
Now add Web3 into the mix.  A Web3 server can do everything a Web2 server can do, and then some.
Web3 means that your server isn’t just one computer sitting alone out on the internet. It means that your server is part of the Foggie Network.
The Network enables you to:
  • Share your idle storage space and earn crypto rewards
  • Have your popular public content automatically copied to other Foggies so it remains highly available and fast
  • Make off-site back-ups of all your data. These back-ups aren’t made to a third party cloud, but to other people’s Foggie Maxes, but in a highly secure, totally private way
In addition:
  • You’re permanently recorded as the creator of any unique file you save to your Foggie Max. This will reduce digital piracy.
  • Every file you save gets a permanent URL. (In Web2, if you stop paying for your domain, your URL becomes unusable.)
  • Using Foggie Max, you can easily mint NFTs without code.  In addition, any and all content you put on your Foggie Max can be featured on a fully decentralized content sharing marketplace, where you can gain likes and tips and sell your digital assets.
  • Because your public content can be copied into the Fog, your public content becomes unblockable/uncensorable.
  • You can download decentralized apps to your Foggie Max, just like your smart phone. Those apps can’t be discontinued or disabled — once paid and downloaded, they’re yours forever.
  • In addition those apps will be completely decentralized — which means no spying on you, no writing your generated data to a third party server. All generated data will be stored on your Foggie Max only.