How much sound does Foggie Max make? How much energy does it use?

Foggie Max should be about as quiet as your average Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.  Which is to say, it shouldn’t be all that noisy at all.

Foggie Max contains a CPU, RAM, a motherboard, a 1TB solid-state hard drive, a fan, a 12V 0.5A power supply, and connectivity to USB and HDMI ports.

We don’t have precise energy consumption statistics.  However, Foggie Max doesn’t mine crypto like a Bitcoin mining machine does.  As a result, Foggie Max likely uses far less energy that a Bitcoin miner.

Specifically, Bitcoin is based on Proof of Work, where thousands (or millions) of computers compete to solve a math problem in order to earn Bitcoin.  As a result, Bitcoin miners are typically always busy calculating difficult math problems.  Their CPUs are always being utilized, and their fans are (likely) always on as a result.

Foggie Max shares idle storage to the Foggie Network and uses Proof of Storage Service.  Proof of Storage Service doesn’t require continue calculation of difficult math problems. It primarily requires Foggie Max to answer storage challenges, i.e., prove to the data owner that his/her data is still present on your Foggie Max, and for the data to be persisted thru the life of the storage deal. 

Once the deal is successfully completed, you earn crypto rewards.