How much can Foggie Max earn per day? What’s the break-even?

Truth 1:  If anyone ever tells you that a crypto-earning machine will make at least $X per day, don’t believe them.  They’re lying to you.

Truth 2:  If anyone ever guarantees that a crypto-earning machine will break even within Y months, don’t believe them. They’re lying to you as well.

This is the old adage:  “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Truth 3:  We cant’ predict how many crypto rewards your Foggie Max can earn per day, because the number of crypto rewards depends on (1) how much storage you share with the network and (2) the price of storage (in crypto) at the time you share your storage.  

Truth 4:  We can’t predict how the crypto rewards will trade relative to US dollars (or fiat, as they say).  

The reality is, you probably shouldn’t expect Foggie Max to fund your retirement. 

Above and beyond earning crypto rewards, Foggie Max has a ton of Web3 functionality that you can benefit from.

Any crypto rewards you earn from Foggie Max should really be considered an offset to your cost of ownership, not a primary source of income. 

Could you earn a surprising amount of crypto rewards and then trade that for a surprising amount of US$?  It’s possible. But we’d rather not sell that promise because someone will eventually be disappointed.

Focus on the positive: how many other devices in your house actually earn rewards?  

Something is better than nothing at all.