How is Foggie Max different from being a node on StorJ?

1. Storj can’t prevent Sybil attacks.

2. Storj can’t prevent external source attacks.

3. Storj can’t guarantee to storage customers that their decentralized files won’t be lost.
Foggie Max uses the Datamall Chain (DMC) an efficient marketplace for decentralized storage. The DMC includes off-chain storage challenges, penalties for lost storage, and even arbitration/penalties for dishonest challenges.  As a result, buyers of decentralized storage will have high confidence that their data stored on the DMC (and on your Foggie Max) will be persisted thru the life of the storage contract. It will be a better customer experience.

A better customer experience means that storage nodes on the DMC (including every Foggie Max) will have more customers and mine more tokens.