How is Foggie Max different from a Raspberry Pi?

  1. A Raspberry Pi doesn’t ship with 1TB-4TB of SSD
  2. You can’t download fully decentralized apps to a Raspberry Pi and be certain that the app isn’t communicating with a 3rd party server and storing data to that server
  3. A Raspberry Pi doesn’t  automatically create a permanent URL for any/all content you save to it
  4. A Raspberry Pi doesn’t give you precise access control over who can/can’t see your content
  5. A Raspberry Pi doesn’t automatically accelerate your public content by edge caching it throughout a global network
  6. A Raspberry Pi make your public content unblockable/uncensorable
  7. A Raspberry Pi doesn’t help you mint NFTs in bulk with no code
  8. A Raspberry Pi doesn’t help you reduce digital piracy by guaranteeing the authenticity of your original digital assets
  9. A Raspberry Pi doesn’t help you host and sell your digital assets on a fully decentralized content marketplace
  10. A Raspberry Pi doesn’t share idle storage to a global network and earn crypto rewards in return