Foggie vs. Pinata: What's the Difference?

Foggie with Digital Files

Pinata is an IPFS pinning service, and Foggie includes an IPFS pinning service feature.  Both services accelerate your IPFS content.  

However, there are some key differences between Pinata and Foggie.  They are: 

IPFS-only versus IFPS and CYFS

When you store your files on Pinata, your files are stored on an IPFS node.  The speed of those files will be constrained by the overall speed of the IPFS network. 

When you store your files on Foggie, you store your files using CYFS, a next-generation internet protocol, and you can choose to store your files on IPFS.  If your CYFS files are accessed with a CYFS-compatible browser, your content downloads can be accelerated by as much as 5X. 

Foggie Prevents Misattribution and Maintain Copyright 

When you store your original file using Pinata, you are only accelerating the file. 

When you store your original file on Foggie, you are not only accelerating the file – you will be permanently recorded as the creator of the file. This will prevent misattribution of the file, and it will help you maintain the copyright to the file. 

No Idle Storage on Foggie

When you subscribe to Pinata, your monthly fee is based on the amount of storage allocated to your Pinata account. Whether or not you actually use all of that storage is another question. 

When you subscribe to Foggie, your monthly fee is also based on the amount of storage allocated to your Foggie. If you don’t use up all of the allocated storage, you can share your idle storage with others and earn crypto rewards.  These crypto rewards can be traded for more storage, or can be traded for money to offset your monthly storage costs. 

Storage Only versus Virtual Appliance 

Pinata is a service that only includes dedicated data storage. 

Foggie is a virtual appliance with dedicated data storage, RAM, and virtual CPU. How does this benefit you?  Because of the RAM and CPU: 

  • You can download and run decentralized applications, or dApps, on your Foggie.  
  • Once downloaded, these dApps are yours forever – they can’t be remotely deleted or deactivated.  
  • The dApps will save generated data to your Foggie – not to a third-party cloud — and protect your privacy better

Forward Compatibility with Foggie Max:  No Monthly Fees

Both Pinata and Foggie require monthly subscription fees. 

However, only Foggie is forward-compatible with Foggie Max, a soon-to-be-launched device from Fog Works.  Foggie Max will have all the functionality of Foggie, but it will be an actual device (not a virtual device), which means that Foggie Max owners won’t have any monthly fees. All data stored on your Foggie account can be easily transferred to your Foggie Max device.

Stay updated on the Foggie Max launch.