Fog Works has partnered with Datamall Chain Foundation (DMC Foundation), a not-for-profit blockchain foundation dedicated to building an efficient marketplace for decentralized storage.  DMC Foundation has minted its own token, $DMC.  $DMC is in the process of being listed on at least one major crypto exchange. 

When you use Foggie Max, your Foggie Max will share idle storage capacity in exchange for $DMC rewards. You will then be able to exchange $DMC for US$, or you can use $DMC to underwrite other storage deals on the Foggie Network, exchange it for more storage in the Foggie Network if you want/need to, or accumulate it. 

There will likely be other applications in the near future where you can use your $DMC.  For example, we are launching a content sharing network, and you can use $DMC for premium placement on that content network, tip other creators, or buy digital assets.