Fog Drops is an NFT minting tool and decentralized content marketplace available for free to all owners of Foggie Max. 

Every Foggie Max owner will have the Fog Drops app pre-loaded onto their Foggie Max.  Users can explore the range of digital assets available on the Foggie Network (by clicking on “Explore” above), or they can create their own NFTs/digital asset listings of Fog Drops by clicking on “Create” above.  (This page will focus on creating.)

After clicking on “Create,” you’ll see the following page:

In the left pane of this screen, you can upload an image, video, audio file, or any other digital asset.  

On the right, you can describe the digital asset, and give the digital asset a name and a label.  You can also associate the file with a collection of other files.

If you want to sell this digital asset on a third-party NFT service like OpenSea, for the NFT Type, you’ll need to choose either Ethereum or Polygon.  Note:  You will also need to pay the applicable gas fee associated with minting NFTs on those chains.

If you want to avoid high gas fees and feature your digital asset in the Fog Drops marketplace, you can select an “Atomic” content fingerprint.  You can think of Atomic as a proprietary NFT on the Foggie Network. It’s not an NFT per se, but rather a fingerprint for the underlying digital file. This fingerprint will be unique for every unique file.  You’ll be recorded as the creator of the unique file. Ownership of the unique file can be transferred from person to person within the Foggie Network. And creating an Atomic fingerprint will require much lower gas fees (estimated 0.05 – 0.5 Datamall Coins, or DMC).

If you’d like to sell your digital asset on Fog Drops, you can specify your asking price (in DMC) for the digital asset.  You can also specify an end date for the asset sale.


Once you list an asset for sale, you can generate a QR code to share with your friends or the general public so they can see the digital asset you have for sale.

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 5.00.32 PM

Visitors to Fog Drops who see your digital asset can “like” your asset, tip you (with Datamall Coins or DMC), or purchase the digital asset from you. If someone buys the digital asset from you, you will remain the creator of the file and they will be the owner of the file.

In the future, we will support transferring of the Foggie Network content fingerprint to a smart contract on any blockchain (so the digital asset could then be sold on a service other than Fog Drops).